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Slave Man Sticks His Tongue Into His Mistress Ass

Monday, December 1st, 2008

This mistress teases her slave with the smell of her asshole. First, she shoves his head into the crack of her ass then sits on his face while she had a smoke. She pulls his head forcefully up into her ass while he struggles for air. She giggles at his attempts to breathe and gets even more demanding when she orders him to stick out his tongue and keep it out. More here

Slave Man Sticks His Tongue Into His Mistress Ass

Her slave begins to follow her every demand by sticking his tongue out and licking her asshole as she slides her sweaty panties. She then rubs her ass-crack in his face, she bounces and grinds on his face riding his tongue as she moans her pleasure. In the end, this vixen was laughing as she drives him crazy with the pussy and ass smell. Watch Ass cleaner movie